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Advocacy Reports
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August 2017 Quarterly Advocacy Report:

HB 49 Biennial Budget 

•HB 49 introduced in the House on February 8, 2017
•Passed out of the House on May 2, 2017 (12 weeks incl. Easter break)
•Introduced in the Senate on May 3, 2017
•Passed out of Senate on June 21, 2017 (8 weeks incl. Memorial day)
•Conference Committee report back to both Houses:  June 28, 2017
•7 days including weekend
•Governor signed/issued 47 veto messages:  June 30, 2017, 1145 pm
•House voted to over-ride 11 of those veto messages
•Senate to consider in September.  


Our strategy: redirect casino funds to rates

Legislators surprised to find out casino funds were not used for rates as they had intended from last biennial budget in 2015
Objective: to redirect the portion of casino funds that went to operations and supplanted to ODE/MH
Language to redirect a portion of the $20 million each year to rates adopted in the House (Rep Pelanda, member of leadership)
Administration says this amendment “cuts kids”.  Other advocate groups mimic that message.
Senator Lehner buys in; recognized as the thought leader on this issue by her colleagues in the Senate


ODE ECE program also an issue

Administration intended to allow only 4 year olds
The House and Senate worked to make sure 3 year olds could also have access. 
Lots of changes to this language, ultimately ending up in a good place.


Pilot program in Appalachia:  2 counties: for providers with 125 eligible children; 


Protection from cuts:

Given the dynamics around the Senate taking out the additional money for rates, we worked hard to keep language included in the House so that providers would get NO LESS from the casino funds than they received on December 31, 2016.


Messages that worked:

Department’s own survey showed 35 counties in the wrong rate category

  Cost to correct:  $32.5 million/year

  ($65 m biennially)

  Cost to move those centers who were rated:

  $11 million/year  ($22 m biennially)

Once the budget hit the Senate, Administration said the Pelanda amendment “cut kids”.
Other advocacy groups began to share that message.  Senator Lehner believed that.
Despite our best efforts to educate, we were unable to overcome both the Administration and other advocate groups repeating this.
Moved to effort to hang on to the protection language as the others wanted that removed also.


Vigilance: we must be prepared for the next legislative opportunity

Meet/build/sustain relationships with your legislators
Simple message: 


                     Quality rating is not sustainable;

                      You are a small business;

                      You need predictable, sustainable funding

                      Today’s children are tomorrow’s quality work force


Voice of OACCP must be the loudest voice!  Centers are the front line delivering care to Ohio’s children.  Other groups have differing missions.


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FY 2016-17 Gov Budget Proposal.pdf PDF (73.51 KB) Administration 2/16/2016
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