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Early Care and Education 

Members Budget Updates

July 2017


 The State of Ohio Biennial budget bill (HB 49) has become law.  There are some veto issues to be worked out, but none that effect the Early Care and Education Community and members of OACCP.  It was a very tight budget and many areas were cut to make up a projected $800 million to $1.4 million revenue shortfall. How-ever, our programs were NOT cut.  If not for OACCP members and leaders as well as help from the Early Childhood Alliance and others, it could have been a lot worse for Early Care and Education.


How did we fair?

Our efforts to re-directed $13 million to correct the inequity that exists in 38 Ohio counties for Publicly Funded Child Care did not pass.  It was supported in the House and by many Senators.  These funds would have been dedicated toward children in rated centers in those counties, getting Ohio closer to the 2020 goal of having all children served in rated centers.  There was great support for this issue, but as many know, both the House and Senate prioritized as much funding as possible to fight the opiate abuse problem and the growing deficit in Medicaid. 

Funding and rates protected for next two years.  Both the House and the Senate supported language that protected providers from any further erosion of casino funds for the next 2 years.  This provides protections in a state budget faced with fast growing deficits in Medicaid.

Three year olds are back in ODE’s Early Childhood Education. Both the House and Senate sup-port various versions of allowing three year olds back into ECE.  The result is that four year olds will still have priority until October 1st, then three year olds can be enrolled with ODE waiver. 



The effort of OACCP members made us a force to be reckoned with for Ohio’s children.  Members held center visits, called and visited their legislators in Columbus in record numbers.  It is hard to get traction in a deficit budget situation, but it happened.  There will be a budget correction bill next year and we the table set.    

Thank You for All Your Hard Work!!!!

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